Abel Moretti
Titles Coordinator
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization White Cloaks

The nature of my position is a delicate one, forcing me to balance the needs of the entirety of Venza: meeting the demands of one district means taking away from the resources of another. The case of Ranocchio has proved especially vexing...

Abel Moretti is a slightly older man - in his late fifties, perhaps - stern-faced and with an air of command which serves him well in his role as Coordinator of the White Cloaks.

First Appearance:
Fury Steps In: Meeting, along with Commanders Parsons and Handso, Milo de Luca, one of Ranocchio's representatives to the Council of the People, and Orlando Furioso concerning the current state of affairs in Ranocchio district1.

Subsequent Appearances:
Fury Steps In: Sanctioning an investigation - in force - of a Kraken warehouse on intel provided by Orlando Furioso2

Speech Text: RoyalBlue

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