Second CharacterEdit

Players may create a second character with one of the following:

  1. After their first character has been in active adventures for at least two months
  2. After they've been an active DM for two months
  3. After their first character has gained one level

Until that time second characters will not be considered for approval and will not be allowed to adventure (though they can still RP in the Dunn Wright).

More CharactersEdit

Additionally, once they have a second approved character, a player may 'cash in' 6 DM Credits (three months of DMing) for each additional character beyond the second. This initial expenditure does not boost the effective level of the new character (though further expenditures of DMC may do so as normal). These DM Credits are spent, and cannot be used again.


A player may have more than 3 approved, non-retired characters. However, the number of characters which may be simultaneously active in adventures is restricted.

  1. For players who are not DMing games, the limit of active, in-game characters is 3.
  2. DMs may have a maximum number of active, in-game characters is equal to 3 OR to 1 + the number of games they are DMing for LPF, whichever value is higher. All other characters are considered "on vacation" (Or "at home" if the PC owns or rents a residence) until such time as one of the active characters finishes his or her current adventure.
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