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Who is who? And where are they?

This is a listing of the active games in the LPF forums and which characters are playing in those games.

GM: The Seven JudgesThe Dunn Wright Inn
 The Dunn Wright Inn is the local establishment known for recruitment of bold adventurers for dangerous deeds. The tavern serves drinks and food. It has a few private rooms upstairs as well that can be rented. There are also private meeting rooms on the main floor. These are usually rented by those employers who are looking for strong adventurers so they may do interviews and recruitment. 

GM: Special ThreadThe Mystic Pearl
 On Arcane Row, The Mystic Pearl is the place to go for buying or selling items that are divine, magical or merely mundane. Purchases and sales are both at full face value. Full instructions and current on hand inventory is in the first post. (any other purchases or sales at other places like temples or government offices are also recorded in this thread.) Adventurers are expected to visit and make their purchases, then move on to one of the other threads. They generally do not hang out in the stores loitering.
Active Adventures

GM: pathfinderaura
Judge: Paro
Ratty Work
 Go on a flower collecting journey with a talking rat. What could possibly go wrong? (APL 3) 

GM: Paro
Judge: Ealt
Something's Afoot
 The adventurers are called to a secret meeting with Ponyfinder Society Venture Caption Drandle Dreng and whatever trouble he is having in Venza. (APL 9) 

GM: FrancisJohn
Judge: Ealt
The Tower of Doors
 A handful of the bravest heroes are needed to unlock all of the mysteries of the Tower of Doors! (APL 10) 

GM: MerryMortician
Judge: paro
The Witch Tower of Belhaim
 The heroes are recruited by a certain Silas Gribb seeking safe passage for his caravan on the way south to Tal Hallow, especially passing through the Spoekjebosk Forest. (APL 1-2) 
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GM: (none)[ Wandering the Streets]
 There are some characters that have not decided where they are going to be, or what they are going to do. They wander the streets instead of checking in at the place that holds jobs and meaning for their existance, The Dunn Wright Inn. 
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GM: home owner[ At Home]
 Characters here have purchased their own home and have started their own personal threads for activities that happen in that home. Visiting a person's home is via invitation only. 
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Finished Adventures

Retired Characters and the Honored Dead.