One of the mysteries of E’n is the phenomenon known as Arcane Row. Whether it is a manifestation of the Other World with multiple entrances, a relic of some ancient culture or some other abstruse or unknown explanation one thing is true: Arcane Row appears in some fashion in nearly every major community on E’n.

Arcane Row is filled with an ever-changing array of shops and seemingly mad hawkers selling items exotic and magical, bizarre creatures, and strange apparati. The Row looks different in every city it appears in. While shops and hawkers fill every side of the Row the main attraction and seemingly the only constant in every manifestation of Arcane Row is the Mystic Pearl, Emporium of the Magical and Bizarre.

Venza: Here, Arcane Row is approached either through the narrow Meraviglia Street lit by golden glasslights, or Glimmerweed Canal. Shoppers approaching from the canal are greeted by a two foot tall sandstone statue covered in flaking gold leaf and sporting a broad grin of razor sharp teeth. The landing opens up onto a courtyard floored with smooth paving stones and with an elaborately carved well-head in the center. A bewildering array of shops and stands are crammed cheek by jowl along every wall and in the courtyard.



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