Carla the Maid
Race/Species Half Orc
Gender Female
Homeland Venza

NPC usage: Open to GMs

We're trying to hire help, not join a social club.

Carla Ogavan is the maid for Antonio Moretti, a glass-blowing artist in Venza. She is highly trusted by Moretti, although the two argue constantly. It is immediately obvious she is very hard working, which may have a lot to do with that trust. In her first appearance, she handles all interactions with the adventurers past the initial hiring, all the way to payout.

The relationship between Carla and Moretti could best be described as a trusting antagonism, or even a dysfunctional family. Despite the trying times she has been through with Moretti, Carla is loyal to a fault. For his part, Moretti pays her better than any other maid in Venza could ever hope for.

Carla is 5'8", 20 years old, and neither pretty nor ugly. She is healthy and in good shape, although she has no skills past a simple commoner. She keeps her brown hair in pigtails. Most often, Carla wears simple dresses and aprons and carries a utility knife of sufficient quality to be used as a fighting dagger at all times.

Carla's text color is brown.

First Appearance: In the Dunn Wright Inn [1] assisting her employer, Antonio Moretti, in the hiring of armed adventurers to clear the giant rats out of the family tomb. After the initial hiring, Carla takes up the lion's share of interaction with the would-be rat slayers. Continued in Rodents of Unusual Size, pt 2 [2]

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