Carnemorto Gabbiano
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization House Gabbiano

Gods of Venza, brother, even in death you cause trouble.

Carnemorto Gabbiano is the late "black sheep" of House Gabbiano. He was known to be slave to his various appetites, be they gambling, drink, or women. He stole a valuable family artifact to pay off one of his major debts (to Niam Caan), the loss of which may be part of the cause of the house's fall from power.

Carnemorto's various predilections eventually lead to his demise. He fell under the sway of Abzienta, an elven opera singer (then in her human guise as a young opera star named Maschera) with a habit of seducing men, using up their wealth, and then murdering them. Carnemorto, like many men before him, met his demise. His corpse was found by adventurers on a simple hunting expedition to gather frogs for Zitteaux from The Dunn Wright Inn. Carnemorto's brother, Umberto Gabbiano subsequently identified the corpse, and hired a group to solve his murder, leading to Abzienta's unmasking and eventual flight from Venza.

First appearance: Frog Hunt; corpse discovered in swamp.

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