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Not a single nation but a large region, the Landadel Baronies comprise hundreds of political units of various sizes and kinds: dukedoms, princedoms, margravates, counties, temple estates; each striving to make their own authority and become a center for power, trade, and politics. Frequent small scale war, political wrangling, and other fractious behaviors keep the Baronies in check and prevent them from unifying to become a serious threat on the scale of the Empire of Rhat'matanis or the Harran. The territory covered is vast and contains numerous, and large, stretches of wilderness.


  • Ducado de Atiradore, ruled by Braganca Atiradore
  • Ilumistae - an isolated forest village deep within the Baronies; all high elven culture and courts and magical research and ritualized duels.
  • The Margravate of Thunderfalls - south near the Seithr Mountains
  • Predgor'jah krai - a small kingdom on the border of the Baronies in the foothills of the Seithr Mountains

The Landadel Baronies is a good catch-all for generic character backgrounds and provides ample space for every level of adventure of all kinds.

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