If your character dies and you decide or find it impractical to raise him, or if you simply decide to retire your character - for whatever reason - you may create a replacement character who begins with an XP total of higher than 0. A replacement character begins play at the same level as the character she is replacing, with the minimum XP for that level (see below for replacing 1st level characters). In the case of deceased characters, this XP includes all XP he would have earned up to and including the XP for the encounter he died in.

The replacement character should place a link to the deceased or retired character she is replacing in the Adventure Log section, and the retired or deceased character should have his category changed to retired or deceased so he shows up on this page. Do not delete retired or deceased characters.

To determine the starting GP of a replacement character beginning with more than 1 XP, use the Character Wealth By Level table from the SRD. Replacement characters with the Rich Parents trait have an additional 750 gp beyond the values found in that table.

The replacement character does not need to roll for availability of items in the Mystic Pearl during its creation process, as said character has spent enough time idle prior to its "creation date" shopping that it would eventually be able to find appropriate items.

Caveat: Using the retirement rules to recreate an identical character in order to circumvent the crafting time process of expensive items will invoke a visit from Mistress Karma who shall unleash a mysteriously accurate meteor swarm to replace said character with a charred crater.

Special Rules for First Level Character Replacement

Characters must be at least 2nd level before they are eligible for voluntary retirement. If a character dies before reaching 2nd level, her player may create a replacement using all XP & GP earned by the dead character, including Time Based rewards to the end of the encounter that killed her, and the rewards (XP & GP) of that encounter.

Use of Retired PCs as NPCs

Retired PCs can be used as NPCs by the player (when acting as DM or when within the Dunn Wright Inn) who retired the character. This 'Closed' status is the default for all retired characters. If the NPC is 'Open' for any DM to use a note should be added to the character (preferably on a separate NPC sheet with a link back to the original sheet).

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