Cicci Boraga
Cicci Large2
Race/Species Human
Class Free Hand Fighter
Gender Female
Homeland Venza
Organization House Boraga

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Hunting? Oh, please. My cousin dragged me out hunting once. It was dreadful. All foresty and … green. It only got interesting when the boar managed to gut one of the grooms. I swear, he squealed louder than the stupid pig ever did.

Cicci Boraga is one of the six children of Grand Dame Ludmilla Boraga, and one of the possible inheritors of the title. Cicci is violent, crude, and selfish, but Venzan nobility seems willing to overlook these behaviors since she's also attractive and extremely rich.

Cicci is a duelist, and a reasonably good one. When she showed interest at an early age, House Boraga hired a disgraced Irthan captain to train her. It's rumored that Cicci's love of dueling grew out of a love of blades, which in turn stemmed from a penchant for torturing small animals.

First appearance: Attending a party in Escort Service

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