Titles Commander
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Venza
Organization White Cloaks

NPC usage: Open for GMs

Full sweep, Captain. Leave no man behind.

Jacobson is Commander of Incudine district's White Cloak contingent. At age 35, she has been an army officer and some sort of unspecified special operative. She left the army for an undisclosed reason, joined the White Cloaks, and floated up through the ranks to her current position. She has shown little interest in further promotion. She is tremendously dedicated to the job and her own men joke she is effectively married to it.

Jacobson is 5'2" tall, with a powerful frame and intense blue eyes. She is a skilled combatant, shortsword stylist, subterfuge expert and qualified small team leader. However, she is only a barely capable administrator, and two of her captains assist her in that regard. Although good-hearted, she is not overtly charismatic, instead having a subtle effect on people. Her lack of administrative skills made her unpopular with her men early in her assignment as commander, but her genuine interest in their well-being has improved her standing considerably since.

Jacobson both dresses and speaks simply, and has shown little interest in wordplay. Her first name is Swanhilde, but it is not widely known. Her family originated from the Sethir Mountains, but she was born in Venza.

Thanks to her time in the military and secret services, Jacobson has developed a significant number of sources of information and other people she can call on in times of need. An example of one of these is Andreas Costas, an army scout (Ranger) she met while in the service. He guides the group of adventurers and White Cloaks to the boggard village.1

First Mention:

  • Rodents of Unusual Size, Part 2: Mentioned by Antionio Moretti as background regarding his hiring of adventurers to clear his family catacombs of giant rats.2.

First Appearance:

  • Rodents of Unusual Size, Part 4: She lead a small team of adventurers and White Cloaks to end the rat infestation of Venza. It is revealed she is an ex-intelligence operative with some sort of smear on her record that required an official pardon. While working outside Venza, she became romantically entangled with someone who turned out to be a counter-intelligence agent. Several Venzan operatives died when the agent betrayed her. She is barred from service in either the army or Venza’s intelligence services. The event jaded her outlook on intimate relationships, but strengthened the importance she puts on the team.1.

Other Appearances:

  • Blessed Are the Cheesemakers: Jacobson hires a group of adventurers.3.

Speech color: Blue

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