For those who are tired of continual tracking the incidental costs of minor things, we have a system to buy a one time cost that covers the incidentals. The purchase of the "Cost of Living" item should be tracked in the Adventure Log section so reviewers have a general timeline as to when it was purchased. In the inventory section, mark covered items with a `NT`in the cost column.

Cost of Living (modified from pg. 405 of Core)

  • Poor (default adventurer lifestyle level; 0 gp)
    • Communal living in tavern common rooms, or the like
    • Does not track meals of 1sp or less
  • Average (100 gp)
    • Small apartment, house, etc.
    • Does not track nonmagical expenditures of 1 gp or less
  • Wealthy (1,000 gp)
    • Sizable home or suite of rooms
    • Does not track non-magical expenditures of 5 gp or less
  • Extravagant (10,000 gp)
    • Mansion, castle, or similar styled residence
    • Does not track non-magical expenditures of 25 gp or less

Rhibahn is one of Venza's real estate agents.

Note: the gold piece cost of a specific style of living is a one-time cost.
Note: items 'not tracked' must be replenished in a logical location like a town and amounts must still be recorded on the character sheet for encumbrance purposes.

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