Dellrian Thankirk
Mute half elf bard by ph00
Race/Species Half Elf
Class Expert 9
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization Lower Guild Captain, Former House Gabbiano

NPC usage: Open to GMs

I may have lost my old job, but that does not put me out of the loop.

Dellrian Thankirk is a well to do business man in the Lower Guild, having learned financials from his time at House Gabbiano. Originally responsible for a group of rangers and trackers who find herbs and other supplies for the Lower Guild, his duties changed when Benevolent Seeker joined the guild. Now, with the research found by adventurers of the inner workings of Gates, Dellrian is starting up a special team to look into what this research can do for all of E'n.

First appearance:
Run Away: Recruiting PC's to help find his lost Badger.[1]

Other appearances:
Through the Looking Gate: Recruiting PC's to investigate a lost crypt, and the secrets that it holds. [2]

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