The Dunn Wright Inn is a large building in the Gulls district near the docks.

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One side faces the seaward bay with a good-sized landing around what is known as the Waterside Door. Tall wooden poles, some few topped with a fanciful pair of sea-horses cast from bronze, line the edge of the landing and provide mooring for Venza's ubiquitous gondolas and other small watercraft. Gondoliers stand about idly chatting as they wait for fare from the Inn's custom. Along another side of the Inn is a wide stone walkway and a larger entrance to the Inn, the Landward Door or the Cityside Door.

The Inn itself is a large enough building that it has been known to house the entire crew of a large ship. Both the rowdy sailors that make up the crews, and the more expensive tastes of captains and their higher classed passengers, are catered to by the Inn with a large ground-level tavern for the crews, and a more luxurious upper level for those of more refined tastes.

The Dunn Wright has become known as a spot where people with difficulties can come to hire the people with the unique talents required to solve said difficulties. A collection of private meeting rooms exists for this purpose, where those with problems (and money) and those with special skills could meet for... arrangements.

The Common Room has a number of middle-room tables for six, but also massive long tables with benches along the walls. One of the mid-room tables has the red print of a hand in the center; this table is reserved for members of the Red Hand Society and their friends. There is a wide stair case on one side, heading up to the richer areas.

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Staff & PatronsEdit

Grog, Bartender
Marla, Barmaid
Trixie, Barmaid
Zitteaux, Master Chef
Jangles the Gambler
The Assistant Bartender
Grunger, Dwarven Warrior and perpetual job-seeker

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