Erasmus Lotti
Titles Captain of the Eel of K'issp
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza

NPC usage: Open to GMs

I don't believe I've had heroes aboard before. I will make sure your accomodations are suitable. The stateroom is available for your use.

Erasmus Lotti, Captain of the Eel of K'issp, is an intense human man with large dark eyes that seem more suited to a poet or philosopher than a merchant ship's officer, wind blown hair and a thin, black beard around his mouth and chin. After brief interaction with the Captain one gets the distinct impression that Captain Lotti's mind inhabits a different plane of existence, one that doesn't include much humor but rather filled with grandiose thought or angst-ridden poetry.

Notable Crew of the Eel of K'issp:
Master Copperkeel, Halfling first mate.

First Appearance:
Dockside Diversion/Still Waters greeting his passenger Aldino Gallucci and a group of adventurers hired as the lizardfolk merchant, Sekmun's guard.

Subsequent Appearances:
None yet.

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