Fallson Hev
Young runaway rebel by greyfin
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization Land Owners and Cultivators Guild

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Our standard contract. You’re entitled to any goods you find with an independently appraised value of less than 10,000 gold sovereigns, adjusted for inflation from the date the contract is enacted. Above that, there’s a sliding scale of dividends – quite reasonable, I think you’ll find. Just sign at the bottom, please.

Fallson Hev runs the Land Owners and Cultivators Guild, whose central offices are located on Veniti Way in Venza's business district. While a generally good-hearted sort, Fallson is meticulous when it comes to business and legal documents.

First Appearance: Accompanying farmer Jezz into the Dunn Wright Inn [1] to hire mercenaries to deal with a nest of kobolds plaguing local farmers, in 'Kobold Keep' [2].

Subsequent Appearances: Recruiting adventurers to investigate some dwarven ruins for Ivio Mallack in Tower of Power

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