Galen Parsons
Galen Parsons
Titles Commander, Venzan Guard
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization White Cloaks

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Why is it every adventurer seems to think the local constables are uncultured hicks?

Galen Parsons is a commander in the Venzan City Guard assigned to Coordinator Abel Moretti. He appears to be an unassuming, hard-working military man, possibly just this side of gruff. He's generally unimpressed by "adventurers," especially what he perceives to be their sense of superiority to commoners.

He speaks elven, though it is unclear if he learned the language before or after starting a relationship of some kind with Finia, an elven attendant of House Gabbiano.

First appearance: Ryall's Estate; intercepting PCs in the process of bringing a cart full of dead bodies into Venza.

Subsequent appearances:

  • Dunn Wright Inn; recruiting for 'Distant Relations'.
  • The Roses; interrupted on his way to a date with Finia.
  • Fury Steps In: attending a meeting of White Cloak higher-ups and Milo de Luca and Fury1; leading the assault on a Kraken warehouse2; calling on Milo and discussing the politics of Ranocchio district with Milo and Fury 3.
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