The Southern Ouhm and the Great Chasm

Following the Ouhm from the northernmost reach of the Seithr Mountains, the river falls from those vaunted heights into the lowland between and the Seithr range and the peaks of the northeastern range, the Sul Orlo Mountains. The Ouhm is then inexplicably drawn up into the higher elevation of the Great Chasm.

The Great Chasm stretches approximately 700 miles long, is just over 200 miles at its widest point and 60 miles at its narrowest, and appears as if the stone of the surrounding Sul Orlo Mountains has been ripped apart in a loose ‘J’ shape allowing the Ouhm River to rush through its depths. The southern entrance to the Chasm is the highest elevation of the Chasm and as the Ouhm flows northward it passes through a number of rapids that make navigation extremely difficult, though not impossible.

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