Grog the Bartender
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race/Species Half-Orc
Class Fighter 8th - 18th level (depending on what's needed)
Gender Male
Organization Dunn Wright Inn

NPC usage: Open to GMs and players

Dat's ork piss. Ya want some of the gud stuf, foa silva a mug.

Grog is a half-orc retired adventurer working at the Dunn Wright Inn as bartender and bouncer. He spent several years adventuring but was never good with money. So while he has years of experience, he was never able to settle down and retire comfortably. After settling in Venza he was fine with being employed at the tavern since he understands the adventurous spirits and can spot trouble often before it happens. He has been known to personally deal with handfuls of novice adventurers all be himself and rarely tolerates obnoxious ones that don't realize they are too big for their britches.

He is a large man, over 6' 5" and has big meaty hands. His arms are bare and display the many scars of battles fought long in the past. His simple clothes cover the rest of his various other scars. He enjoys serving a special kobold's brew that some adventurers found in a lair, watching the novices test their fortitude to see if they can stomach the drink.

On drinking half, Fort Save DC15. Failure grants Nauseated condition for 30 minutes with 1d3 episodes of vomiting. Failure by more than 5, gains unconscious condition after vomiting within 2 minutes. Once Fort Save is made, never need to roll it again to avoid Nausea.

Passing the Save, drinker acquires Sickened condition from being drunk. If he continues to drink and finish a mug, the penalty increases to -3. Each mug consumed afterwards, adds cumulative -1 to the penalties. On finishing 2nd mug and each mug after that, Fort Save DC 12 is required to maintain consciousness.

Drinkers are encouraged to wager on who can drink the longest.

Cost is 1sp per mug.

Skills: Perception +9-19, Sense Motive +12-22, Knowledge Local +5-15

Example Appearance

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