Alignment LG
Race/Species Dwarf
Class Warrior
Gender Male
Homeland Sethir Mountains

NPC usage: Open for GMs

Grunger claims the dwarven warrior spot!

Grunger is a novice dwarven warrior with little idea of what adventuring is really like. Most pointedly, he believes adventuring groups have a special spot reserved for dwarf warriors, and has attempted to claim this spot on at least two occasions. He has yet to be hired. About the only true thing he knows about adventuring is that employers do come to the Dunn Wright Inn to find talent, so he hangs out there looking for his next job. His primary weapon is the battleaxe. His axe, although nice looking, is not a real weapon, but rather a dress weapon, and not suitable for the rigors of combat. (DC 15 with any appropriate skill Craft or Knowledge skill to detect.)

First Appearance:

  • The Dunn Wright Inn: Grunger enters the inn for the first time, complaining of the rat infestation of Venza. He is turned down for a job for his first time.1.

Speech color: Aqua

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