Alignment LN(G)
Race/Species Ratfolk
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Homeland Venza

NPC usage: Open for GMs

I once was proud wizard. Mighty. Made mistake, got sick. Life of a rat.

Hassbek is a Ratfolk wizard of great capability. His magic is so fluid and skilled he casts most spells in a single word. For example, he can teleport with several adventurers in a single casting, and the word for his spell is Chazu. He is advanced in age, as well as lame, and dying of some magical wasting disease/curse which requires expensive medicines to treat the disease and manage the pain. Trying to stay alive, Hassbek has already sold off much of his personal resources to keep himself going (and is down to just his Handy Haversack and his spellbooks) and now works for money, casting a variety of spells of a preferably non-combat variety.

Hassbek is an amiable fellow, but when worried (particularly when his supply of medicine or his ability to pay for it is threatened) he has been known to whine. Always has reading materials and a variety of creature comforts in his Handy Haversack to keep himself busy. His speech is particularly breathy/raspy, and he speaks is somewhat broken common, often in short sentences or sentence fragments.

First Appearance:

  • Perception is Reality Hassbek is hired by Anton Torelli of the Church of Cortesia to teleport a group of heroes to just outside Tritower from Venza. It is learned he is desperate to get his medicines.1.

Speech color: Goldenrod

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