Ioso Springheel
HalflingM IosoGreenheel175
Titles Humble Brother
Race/Species Halfling
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Deity Sapo
Organization Temple of Sapo

Order of Poor Scholars

NPC usage: Open to GMs

That's the Gorram Bull. Named for an episode in Saint Goro's life when he wrestled a rampant bull. It's not a long story but you didn't come here to listen to me recite the lives of the Sapian Saints.

Ioso Springheel is a humble brother of the Order of Poor Scholars. Like many Brothers of the Order he has taken a vow of poverty and lives on the generosity of others or the temple of Sapo. Recent events have led him to the study of Venza's mythic history.

First Appearance:
Dunn Wright Inn recruiting adventurers to investigate a ghost in Kingsholm (Memories of the Past).

Subsequent Appearances:
None yet.

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