Head 02 by thielmanj
Race/Species Human
Class Commoner 1/Expert 1
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Born 1275

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Me name be Farmer Jezz, an'a me farm be in troubles. It been attacked by little demons twice now. An'a they will be back again I just knows it. They done killed me best cow.

Jezz is a somewhat simple-minded farmer from Venza's hinterlands. His farm is near the half buried Starlight Keep. His wife, Goody Jezz, and half a dozen children ranging in age from a toddler to a teen live and work the farm with him.

First Appearance: In the Dunn Wright Inn with the bureaucrat Fallson Hev looking for mercenaries to deal with his kobold problem, in Kobold Keep.

Subsequent Appearances:
Jezz hired a second group of adventurers from the Dunn Wright Inn a few years after his initial kobold problem to deal with the kobolds again and, if possible, rescue his cow in About a Cow.

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