Titles Little Tailor of the Tenebrous Wood
Race/Species Goblin
Gender Male
Homeland Tenebrous Wood

No! Fancy clothing is mine! You no take! Haute couture!

Jojo is a craven goblin from the Tenebrous Wood, a small forest just south of where the Silver Road crosses to reach Venza. He has proven to be capable of some magical ability, where recently he would shrink his victims before they would be overrun by goblins in his band.

Additionally, Jojo has developed a keen awareness of sartorial style, despite living out in the middle of the forest. His favorite quarry in raids of merchant caravans has been bolts of fabric, and he had managed to maintain the best-dressed goblin band around. At least, this was true before he was apprehended by a group of adventurers after he had taken a large bolt of particularly luxurious velvet.

In some ways, Jojo could have had a career designing Venzan fashion, and Tilsit Dimplecotton has been seen showing off an avant-garde suit of velvet lined with squirrel fur that he claims salaciously is of goblin design. Unfortunately, Jojo's brigandry has resulted in having him sent off to the Tower of Chains in punishment, instead.

Of note, however, are rumors that there is an odd, radiant cloak that has been seen near Jojo. According to the adventurers, this exquisitely patterned garment in a garish rainbow of colors appeared to be sentient, moving and attacking of its own volition. If rumors of this eldritch raiment are true, then its present whereabouts are unknown.

First appearance: Velvet Underground; as antagonist.

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