Katenaya Torengu
Titles Lieutenant
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Zeire Desert
Organization House Gabbiano, House Boraga

NPC usage: Open to GMs

You're welcome to make whatever friends you like, but given the circumstances, I think you might do better by giving as few Boraga employees as possible a reason to remember your names and faces?"

A tall, athletic native of a Zeire Desert nomadic tribe, Lieutenant Katenaya Torengu currently serves House Boraga as high-level security personnel for their operations on the desert side of the Zeire Gate.

She also happens to simultaneously be in the employ of House Gabbiano. Most recently, she aided the poorer house by helping a small group of adventurers infiltrate the latest wave of hirelings through the gate from Venza, then facilitated a cover story of their untimely demise in order to allow them quicker access to Kostry Kopec for time-sensitive trade negotiations.

While generally personable, the Lieutenant is also fairly noncommittal in her responses to personal inquiries. The full extent of Katenaya's ("Lieutenant Torengu to the scrubs") connections with House Gabbiano remain unrevealed, as does her ultimate allegiance in the ongoing struggle between the two noble families. Her high placement within Boraga speaks well for her capabilities, though her ease with recent duplicity suggests the full range of her talents may be quite a bit more diverse than the simple lieutenant-warrior she presents to most souls she meets.

First appearance: Kostry Kopec, helping PCs sneak through the Zeire Gate.

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