In addition to racial languages and Common, each character gets one free regional language to speak. This recent change is retroactive to all characters.

  • Common is otherwise known as Venzan or Low Landellian, and is spoken in Venza and the surrounding areas, including Tritower. As Venza is the world’s most developed trade center, the Venzan language serves as the default common tongue throughout the known world.
  • Middle Landellian, Old Landellian, and High Landellian are spoken in the Landadel Baronies. Old Landellian tends to be spoken in the more far-flung reaches. Tal Hallow uses High Landellian.
  • Deltan in the Ouhm River valley
  • Irthian in Irthos
  • HaGruut by barbarian tribes in Seithr mountains northwest of Irthos
  • Seithr in most of the Seithr mountain ranges
  • Inner Sea including the areas of the Harran, Heth and Rorn
  • Southern in the Rhat'matanis region
  • Jira'shae in the lands of Jirago on the western continent
  • Northern Isle for the areas near Illi Esse

Ancient versions of each of the languages are also available to be learned, but not as freebies, as they were spoken before the great darkness.

Optionally, Common can be replaced by the use of Broken Common or completely dropped all together. It is not recommended for PCs to not speak at least Broken Common, as this make party interaction difficult unless the entire party does speak a racial tongue. But for NPCs in smaller villages, they would speak their regional language fluently, and maybe Broken Common to deal with tourists. It can be expected that some remote villagers would not know even Broken Common.

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