Milo de Luca
Titles Representative
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization Council of the People

I've made up my mind, Galen. As long as Orlando is willing, of course, I'm going to make a proposal for his installment as People's Liaison to the White Cloaks at the next meeting of the Council of the People. And I dare say that if the Coordinator is really intending on capitalizing on this whole shenanigan, he'd do well to go along with this. It would be hard for him to claim the role of Ranocchio's savior otherwise.

Milo de Luca is an elderly man, one of the representatives from Ranocchio on the Council of the People. Milo is a staunch advocate of the citizens of Ranocchio and has dedicated his life to improving the lot of his neighbors in his district.

Milo's wife has a chronic illness that requires regular doses of an expensive medicine to maintain her health.

First Appearance:

  • Fury Steps In: Being accosted by three Planks bravos1.

Subsequent Appearances:

  • Fury Steps In: Finally meeting with Orlando2; Meeting with White Cloak leaders3; Discussing politics over dinner with Galen Parsons and Orlando Furioso4.

Speech color: MediumTurquoise

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