Red hand

Started as the result of philosophical discussion between a half-orc sorcerer known as Kanli, and a human monk named Ta-Am-Ath [1], the Red Hand Society is an organization of individuals dedicated to creating a better world. Its symbol is a red palmprint.

The name "Red Hand" reflects orcish symbology. Red is the color of life and creation for orcs, as it is the color of blood and magma. The hand is a symbol of versatility, with more capability than a fist or claw. It is called a Society to demonstrate a human side, a kinship outside of family.

PCs are allowed to join the Society. Those who wish to join will receive an Arcane Mark of the Red Hand from Kanli, placed wherever the member chooses.

Present members of the Red Hand Society include:

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Red hand thumb (PC) is a member of the Red Hand Society.

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