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Titles Lady of the Field,

The Little Hare,
The Wildflower,
Harvest Maiden

Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Harvest, the Land, Protection
Worshipers Farmers, Hunters
Cleric Alignments
Domains Animal, Good, Heal, Plant, Protection
Favored Weapon Longspear
Symbol Winged Flower

Small wooden statue of Ruvalra

Ruvalra is a small goddess of harvest, land and protection. Her influence has been rising just very recently among farmers and hunters mostly. She is described as a winged maiden holding a hare and a basket full of bread, fish and fruit.

It is said she revealed herself to some hunters a couple of centuries ago to give them her favor on a hunt. Her only holy text (a simple set of rules) is carved on a stone in the middle of nowhere between Tritower and Venza.

She hates those who taint the land or deplete it without consideration. She specially loathes aberrations and the undead.

Temples and Clergy[]

There's a tiny shrine in the middle of a forest, tended by an old cleric and a ranger. The shrine is built around a stone with an inscription said to have been made by Ruvalra:

Let the young game live when they fall into your traps or hooks. 

Hunt only that which you need and spurn all senseless killing. 

Show respect for the wild, for it is my home.

Do not extend the suffering of the dying, for it is foul. Make it quick and painless.

Show care for all the living. 

Do this, and I'll guide your arrow in the hunt and make your fields plentiful. You'll have my blessing.

Notable Followers[]