The Seithr Mountains are the highest and roughest mountain range on the Eastern Continent. The peaks host the glaciers that feed the mighty Ouhm River to the north, and the sun glistening off those white peaks has inspired numerous poems and songs.

But their distant beauty belies one of the harshest environments on the continent. The jagged slopes are impassable to all but the most skilled mountaineers, and even the passes can challenge the unprepared. The tribes of goblins that once claimed the mountains as their own still lurk in hidden caves and crevices, and ogres and trolls dwell in isolated valleys. More exotic creatures roam the land, from the gryphons roosting in their mountain aeries to ancient and horrible things that lie in forgotten corners of the hills.

Of the civilized races, only the Dwarves have made a home here, mining and plying their crafts in a network of small, isolated holds. The Dwarves of the Seithr Mountains are a proud people, and those passes and peaks they claim as their own are regularly patrolled and safe, at least in the daylight. Travelers are well-advised to stay in the Dwarves’ good graces, and woe betide those who are driven from Dwarven lands into the wilderness beyond.

Beyond their stark beauty, the lands have little to recommend them. Only a handful of valleys are rich enough to support farming communities, and while forests line many slopes, most are so inaccessible as to dissuade even the hardiest lumberjack. The mountains do boast substantial mineral wealth. While the veins of gold and silver have long since been played out, the mountains still hold some copper and abundant quantities of more base metals. The Dwarves guard these veins jealously, building their strongholds on top of the mines themselves.

Even today, rumors persist of ancient treasures buried in the hills. Perhaps it is the presence of so many ancient Dwarven ruins scattered about the place, their runes hinting at a time when these mountains were a center of wealth and power of the world. Or perhaps it is the way the wind whistles through the peaks, seeming to whisper that this harsh, beautiful land has not yet given up the last of its secrets.


  • Dun Harsk - a Dwarven clanhold high in the mountains, just below the snow line. Proudly held by the Harsk Clan for its rich veins of iron ore create the finest steel on the continent.
  • White Demon's Peak
    • The Broken Gates of Deep Cazmmodham

Fabled treasure, ancient ruins, exotic creatures. This should be a holiday destination of choice for the adventurer in the know.

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