Titles The Cannibal
Race/Species Human
Class Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)
Gender Male
Homeland Unknown

NPC usage: Open to GMs

By the gods, I'll drink his blood in hell!

Shalorr the Cannibal is a brute of a man with long, unkempt hair matted into dirty dreadlocks and teeth filed into jagged points. It isn't known where Shalorr comes from though he ended up in Venza on the wrong side of the law when he murdered White Cloak Captain Donte Renorre and wounded two other officers while they were trying to apprehend him. Shalorr was finally captured outside Venza near the Tenebrous Wood where it is supposed he was hiding out as he raided nearby farms and waylaid travelers. Remanded to the custody of the White Cloaks he awaits trial and likely execution in the Tower of Chains.

First Appearance: Wanted notice in the Glass Trumpet during the adventure 'Soul Indiscretion'.

Subsequent Appearances:
Captured in 'In Love and Death'.

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