1. Make a DocEdit

GM creates a doc in GoogleDocs and shares it with the Living PF Judge account/email at This doc should include:

  • Who adventure is intended for
  • Summary of adventure
  • Monsters (and notable modifications) and encounters
  • Experience and treasures to be awarded (do not include time awards; those will be awarded by the judge after the adventure ends)
  • Notable npcs and additions to the world

2. ReviewEdit

Judges review the adventure They should check:

  • APL vs. CR of encounters
  • CR of encounters vs. treasure & experience awarded
    • Treasure sold at the end of the adventure sells for full value
  • potential conflict with setting as it exists

3. RevisionsEdit

Judges either ask for modifications or approve it

4. RecruitmentEdit

If approved then the adventure is ready to recruit; if not approved then the DM makes changes and resubmits for a second judge review.

5. TrackingEdit

Here are two experience/gold trackers for GM use. Use whichever one you prefer:

Mowgli's Tracker
FrancisJohn's Tracker

Make sure you make your own copy and don't save over the original!

6. SampleEdit

Please follow the above format as it makes it much easier to quickly review the adventure. Check out this Sample Adventure Proposal to get an idea of the kind of information/format we're looking for.

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