Sugar Sweet
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race/Species Halfling
Class Rogue
Gender Female
Homeland Tritower
Organization Western Sea Syndicate

NPC usage: Open to GMs

I can assure you that my associate was not up to 'mischief,' good sir.

Please understand that 'mischief' is, in fact, my job, and if I may say so myself, I'm quite good at it and do not need any assistance in the execution of my duties.

Sugar Sweet is a halfling rogue from Tritower who was believed to have worked as an assassin for hire, although nothing has ever been proven. She is thought to have killed the Garret brothers, Tonio Bellringer, and Nimblejack, among others. Word on the street is that she managed to run down Nimblejack on the rooftops, even.

After dropping off the map for a while, Sugar Sweet resurfaced in Gandling as an employee of the Western Sea Syndicate, working directly under Alfonse Cato as a "troubleshooter." She has had several run-ins with Rahor of Clan Gregga, and delights in taunting the Jiragan.

Sugar Sweet exudes an aura of menace, like a cat who enjoys toying with its prey ... and everyone is her prey.

She was last seen in mortal combat with Rahor of Clan Gregga. The outcome of that battle is unknown.

First Appearance: Recruiting in the Dunn Wright Inn for Evil Unto Evil, alongside Rahor of Clan Gregga.

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