This template produces a Bestiary style stat-block for your eidolon. Copy the text in the box below and paste it into your character sheet. Clear out after the equal sign for any unneeded sections; this will ensure they don't show up in the stat-block. The colors of the block can be altered by entering different RRGGBB color codes for the BgColor and HeaderColor.


|Name=eidolon name
|Character=character name
|Level=summoner level
|Alignment=same as character
|Base Form=base form
|Senses=special senses
|Languages=languages same as character
|Aura=['''Aura Name''' (Keyword) aura #; effect.]
|AC mods=mods to armor class
|Hit Dice=number of hit dice
|Bonus HP=number of hit points from Con, Toughness, etc.
|Regeneration=[regeneration details]
|Immune=[immune details]
|Resist=[resist details]
|Speed=#, special movement
|Melee=melee attacks
|Ranged=ranged attacks
|Reach=#, special reach
|Feats=feat name, feat name
|Evolution01=List of your evolutions (note bonus evolutions with '*')
|Special=special powers
<!-- ------------------------------------------------------------------ -->
<!-- Add FOUR skills of your choice to the list of Class Skills below   -->
<!-- ------------------------------------------------------------------ -->
|Class Skills=Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Knowledge (planes) (Int), Perception (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Stealth (Dex)
|Description=physical description of your eidolon
<!-- ------------------------------------------------------------------ -->
<!-- Changing the colors of the background and headers is a good way to -->
<!-- customize your eidolon's sheet.  Use RRGGBB color codes.  The      -->
<!-- default background color is DDDDFF; the default header color is    -->
<!-- 883300.                                                            -->
<!-- ------------------------------------------------------------------ -->
<!-- ------------------------------------------------------------------ -->
<!-- Including a picture inside the table is now possible.              -->
<!-- Picture=filename.jpg.  PicRowSpan=1 to 6 for normal cases. If Aura -->
<!-- or Resistances come into play, it can be expanded to 7 or more.    -->
<!-- 1 or 2 will place it in the first table cell, while 6 will expand  -->
<!-- down into the second cell.  PicWidth sets the width of the picture.-->
<!-- The height is computed from that automatically.  Good values are   -->
<!-- 100px through 300px.  The px is needed, otherwise, the field       -->
<!-- becomes a label.                                                   -->
<!-- ------------------------------------------------------------------ -->
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