Tilsit Dimplecotton
Titles Opera Set Director Extraordinaire
Race/Species Halfling
Gender Male
Homeland Venza

You would not believe the price of velvet these days, let me tell you!

Tilsit Dimplecotton is a portly, well-dressed dandy of a halfling. His dark hair is perfectly coiffed, and unlike most of his fellow halflings, he wears shoes with hard soles that leave little tapping noises as he totters along. Although he does not like to admit it, he perspires more than most, and can be regularly seen fanning himself with his hat or a kerchief or whatever he may happen to have handy.

Tilsit tends to see everything through the lens of the Opera di Venza. He is the opera's set director, and is responsible for both the creation of elaborate set pieces for the Opera, as well as the general procurer for any materials the Opera may need. He has a very discerning eye for valuables, and regularly sizes up people and things wherever he goes. His voice is shrill but firm. He is very talkative, an extreme gossip (not that he would ever admit to it), and quite liberally peppers his conversations with mild taunts and gibes. A lifetime in the Opera has also made him extremely theatrical, tending to describe situations in the most dramatic way possible.

First appearance: the Green Faerie; meeting with the PCs.

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