Trixie the buxom Barmaid
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Organization Dunn Wright Inn

Hello, luv. I am Trixie and I will be your server today. Would like to try the Adventurer's Stew?

Trixie is a young woman with shapely curves and a well endowed chest. Her dirty blond hair is braided into on long strand in the back that is usually draped around over her shoulder to fall right over her cleavage. She is a friendly hostess and accepts a little flirting, but not doesn't allow anyone to touch the goods.

The barmaid has been working at the Dunn Wright Inn for a few years and has seen many novices come and go. Generally she offers them free advice, particularly if they decide to start mouthing off to the grumpy bartender, Grog. He likewise protects her virtue if necessary.

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