The Ultimate Magic book has a vast amount of information and many unexpected synergies. As such, it has taken a long time to review. Many sections are being excluded in their entirety due to the radical changes or very subjective nature of the material. They are listed at the bottom of the page. At the six month anniversary of the book's release, anything not excluded becomes allowed material for LFP play. We have come to that anniversary. The judges reserve the right to later push additional pieces onto the excluded list if they are shown to present a disruptive problem in play.

The following selections from Ultimate Magic are approved for play in Living Pathfinder.

  • Classes
    • The Magus (Class)
  • Archetypes (All, exceptions noted below)
    • Vivisectionist Archetype of the Alchemist
      • Note: Alchemists with the Vivisectionist archetype gain the 'Bleeding Attack' Rogue Talent in place of 'Brew Potion'.
    • Synthesist Archetype of the Summoner (The Synthesist is so complicated it gets its own page)
  • Feats
    • All feats except
      • Antagonize
      • feats that are involved in crafting of magical, divine or mundane items
      • feats that are involved in Words of Power
      • feats that involve spellblights
  • Spells
    • All spells except those that involve spellblights
    • Terrible Remorse
      • Page 243, in the description of the terrible remorse spell, change the final sentence to read as follows. "If the creature saves, it is instead frozen with sorrow for 1 round, during which time it can take no actions and takes a -2 penalty to Armor Class, after which the spell ends."
  • Domains
    • Animal and Terrain Domains
  • Sections
    • New Familiars from Chapter 2

The following selections from Ultimate Magic are explicitly excluded from play in Living Pathfinder.

  • From Chapter 2
    • Spellblights ~ No for now, may be revisited later for spell scarred lands surrounding elven gates
    • Spell Duels ~ PC vs PC fighting is not allowed
    • Binding Outsiders ~ too wordy and subjective
    • Building Constructs ~ no crafting, so no constructs
    • Spellbooks with Boons ~ wizards have enough power, too few examples, hard to balance customized designs
    • Designing Spells ~ Rare possibilities by proposal, but generally no.
  • Feats
    • The Antagonize Feat
    • Crafting feats due to the general prohibition on crafting feats for LPF
    • feats involving Spellblights
    • feats involving Words of Power
  • Words of Power ~ all
  • Spells invoving Spellblights
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