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  • 1. Venza and the D'Oro coast.
  • 2. Baron's Cross, known locally as Beaver Crossing, sits five miles east of Venza and is the site of the run-down roadhouse the Broken Log. It is the intersection of the Silver Road and a prominent trade route heading east. Site of the Roug and Ryall farmsteads.
  • 3.
    Traveling the Silver Road north of Venza for 25 miles (approximately one days ride by pony or riding dog) will lead one to a cluster of small farmholdings including that of the farmer Jezz. Woods surround the farms to the north, east and west and through the woods, lost and buried in the hills, is the fallen Starlight Keep.
  • 4. Capoe, a large hamlet eighteen miles southeast of Baron's Cross.

Terrain FeaturesEdit

  • 1. The coast of the mainland north of Venza contains a large number of beaches; each unique in it's own right but with the usual trappings of water-smoothed stone, shells, and seaweed. Located on some of these beaches are caves cut into the rocks by tide and the river. Strange creatures make their homes along the beaches of the D'Oro coast and travelers should be wary.
  • 2. Tenebrous Wood (south of Baron's Cross).
  • 3. Southeast of Venza (northernmost edge within sight of the city) is an expanse of marshland comprised of tall grass and murky channels of shallow water surrounding waterlogged earth and deep, dark pools. The marsh is a good source of reeds for Venza's many craftsmen but harvesters must be wary of venturing too deeply into the maze of channels and falling prey to Boggards and giant frogs.
    • Iparoc Mounds [a little over one day by foot into the bogs south of Venza; approx. 12 miles]- hill barrows within the marshland revered by followers of Saint Ulthar. The Mounds appear to be natural hillocks only at a cursory glance. With a more careful look, it is obvious their slopes are too regular, too rounded, to be anything other than man-made.

Approximately 200 miles to the northwest a headland juts out from the mainland and ships are warned off the dangerous, rocky seas by the lighthouse on Roccino Isle.

Elluemara - druidic college located in a grove within the thickly forested hills some 50 miles or so away from Venza (direction unspecified).

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