Viktor Vieraugen von Rattegift
Titles Doktor
Race/Species Human
Class Alchemist
Gender Male
Homeland Irthos

NPC usage: Open for GMs

At the academy they misunderstood my experiments. They called me mad! They called me sick! But those apprentices, they gave their lives for SCIENCE!

Doktor Rattegift is an alchemist who was formerly of Irthos, but was forced to leave after the suspicious deaths of two of his apprentices in a fire. The doctor was acquitted due to lack of evidence, however.

After leaving Irthos, Rattegift was hired by a cult, and while he doesn't subscribe to any religious philosophy, he jumped at the chance to experiment without any troublesome ethical oversight. He succeeded in his task of siphoning the divine power out of the bones of a saint of the Brotherhood of Serroth, and then using it to create hordes of wrathspawn.

When caught and confronted by a band of adventurers, Rattegift managed to mutate himself into an alchemical monstrosity, but was nevertheless defeated and destroyed. However, with his last words, he spoke of another "revision," perhaps believing that he had a clone of himself prepared and hidden away somewhere.  In this, the doctor was clearly mistaken, as alchemical cloning has been repeatedly proven to be impossible.  So Rattegift is dead.  Absolutely.  No question about it. 

First Appearance: Uncovering secrets that man was not meant to know in Faith and Good Works.

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