The policing force for the city of Venza


Coordinator (highest White Cloak rank; equal to modern Commissioner; usually noble born; reports to the Grand Council) -staff of the Coordinator (many with rank of Commander, earned or honorary)

Commander (in charge of a district or special operations)

Captain (in charge of a guardhouse which watches over territory less than a full district or special operations, such as inquisitor/detective in a smaller territory than a Commander)


Guardsman (standard White Cloak on the street)


Roses D'Avorio
White Cloak Headquarters

  • Coordinator Abel Moretti
    • Commander Galen Parsons: on staff of the Coordinator, a sort of free-agent investigator/liaison-at-large


  • Commander Beppe Handso 1 2 3: Handso is rumored to be the bastard of a powerful Guild leader, though rumors name several men it does seem likely someone exerted influence to get Handso his current position.
    • Lt. Antonio 1


  • Commander Jacobson: Jacobson left the army to join the White Cloaks, where she floated up through the ranks to her current position.
    • Sergeant Eston: Tough and serious, classic sword and board fighter, functions as Jacobson's assistant during the attack upon the boggards to end the rat plague in Venza. 2.

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