Xarr symbol


Titles The Scabrous One, Father Bloat
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Disease, Healing, Decay, Vermin
Cleric Alignments
Domains Death, Evil, Healing, Madness, Plant
Favored Weapon Heavy Pick
Symbol A circle of five purple buboes, often depicted oozing

Xarr (pronounced Zarr) is a god who sees his primary followers as the diseases he creates and nurtures, humans are only of value to him to carry and spread his diseases. Perhaps because of his mastery of diseases Xarr is acknowledged as the greatest healer known - on occasion he has both created diseases that effect gods and been forced to cure some of those gods. He also nurtures all manner of disease carrying vermin - and indeed counts most intelligent races amongst their number. Xarr sees death as a natural part of life to be embraced, though he is prepared to offer his followers services as healers to those who worship him and thus further the cause of his plagues by spreading vermin and lending him the strength of their faith.

When depicted Xarr is shown as a great fleshy blob whose face is barely visible within the folds of diseased flesh, he has dozens of long spindly arms each with an eye in the palm with which he uses to experiment in his great laboratory with plagues, viruses, and pestilences.