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Titles Master Chef
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Organization Red Hand Society

NPC usage: Open to GMs and Players

Zee culinary is all

Mercurial and flamboyant chef of the Dunn Wright Inn, Zitteaux is a big-boned and meaty man to the point of plumpness. His thicket of blond hair is only marginally tamed by a slick of oil bearing the not-so-faint aroma of fish. He is quite loud and generally shouting at his kitchen staff makes him red-faced. His thick accent (Zitteaux always pronounces -th- as -z-) identifies him as someone foreign to Venza, most likely one of the lesser Landadel Baronies.

Zitteaux is the subject of many rumors; one of which claims that he dueled a nobleman over the honor of a pot-girl and the resulting victory, and death of the nobleman, precipitated his flight from the land of his birth.

Known for his masterful culinary skills Zitteaux takes great pains in using some of the most hard to come by ingredients. For example, his 'Crab a la King' dish uses giant crab eggs that can only be found along the D'Oro coast. Needless to say most giant crabs are unwilling to part with their eggs and procuring them is dangerous.

Red hand thumb.jpg Zitteaux is a member of the Red Hand Society and bears its mark on the inside of his right forearm. The chef reserves a table in the Dunn Wright Inn for his society brothers.

First appearance:
Frog Hunt: In the Dunn Wright Inn; hiring Elros, Kanli the Mad, Willow Whiteman, Ta-Am-Ath, and Nathan Tchanlach to retrieve frog legs for a special dish.

Subsequent appearances:
Crab a la King [1]: Again hiring adventurers to retrieve rare ingredients for his dish 'Crab a la King' for a special dinner for a nobleman.